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Getting Famous on the Internet

Taking a college course in internet fame? This would be funny if they were not so serious. Continue reading

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Status Update

January I started the new year with a burst of quality work, on both Justine and Terminal Singularity. However in February we moved house and that was a little bit of an interruption. To say the least. I kept working … Continue reading

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Another Form Of Writers Block

I just looked at the date on the files that I have for my new novel Terminal Singularity. The latest date is 11th Dec. It is now the 29th. That is 18 days without working on my novel. OK, you … Continue reading

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How-To Spam Your Own Blog

The best laid plans of mice and men… Thursday, Friday and Saturday real life intervened in my plans for becoming mega rich by writing/blogging and I did not get any writing done. On Sunday when I did make time to … Continue reading

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Post Every Day

Every place that I look for advice on creating a successful blog gives the same piece of advice – post every day. Every source be it the Blog Mastermind Program, or another blog such as Ten Keyboards, or even an … Continue reading

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