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Justine is not the sweet little innocent that John at first thinks she is. Form their first date onwards Justine takes John on a whirlwind sexual adventure that leaves him begging her for more.
From exhibitionism, to threesomes and BDSM games Justine leads John into places he never imagined existed.
But does Justine’s freewheeling, devil-may-care attitude hide something deeper, deeper and darker, underneath?
Can John tame this tiger?
Or will it all end in tears?

Chapter 1 – Seducing a Girl

Alice Finally Finished

After 4 and a half years and several bouts of writer’s block I have finally finished my novel “Alice” Continue reading

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Update 03-03-09

I’ve just received the proof copy for the paperback version of Alexandra and there is some universal law that states the errors will appear in the hard copy version that where completely invisible on screen, no matter how many times … Continue reading

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Video: Seducing a Girl (Complete)

Embedded in this post are Five YouTube Videos of me reading the complete first chapter of Justine. Continue reading

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TS1, TS2 and TS3

I have been busy working on Terminal Singularity but I also spent a couple of days this week working on Justine as well. Terminal Singularity (From now on Abbreviated to ‘TS1′) is where my head is, but Justine is where … Continue reading

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Status Update

January I started the new year with a burst of quality work, on both Justine and Terminal Singularity. However in February we moved house and that was a little bit of an interruption. To say the least. I kept working … Continue reading

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