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Justine is not the sweet little innocent that John at first thinks she is. Form their first date onwards Justine takes John on a whirlwind sexual adventure that leaves him begging her for more.
From exhibitionism, to threesomes and BDSM games Justine leads John into places he never imagined existed.
But does Justine’s freewheeling, devil-may-care attitude hide something deeper, deeper and darker, underneath?
Can John tame this tiger?
Or will it all end in tears?

Chapter 1 – Seducing a Girl

Story Overload

I blame you guys At least those who have commented and e-mailed me about Seducing a girl. About half of you seem to think that more will be seen of the girl on the couch and that she might play … Continue reading

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Today I set Justine Free

Having “raped” Justine the last time I worked on Justine. I was a bit reluctant to work on it some more. But then I had an idea of how Justine meets her second major lover. And then I realised how … Continue reading

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Today I raped Justine

OK not really. And for those new to my blog Justine is a character in a novel I am writing. But I feel as if I have hurt her. I wrote a scene a few days ago. It was an … Continue reading

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15 Years apart

No not my posts to my blogs, but my novels Alexandra and Justine. 15 years separate the two novels and yet the themes I explore in both are remarkably similar. They both deal with love, and finding true love, and … Continue reading

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I’m not the only one!

I’ve just read this post from Rich Minx about her receiving her first Adsense cheque. She had been waiting since 2004 to accumulate the $100+ one needs before Google will write you a cheque(or does Google cut you a check). … Continue reading

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