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I used to allow the full versions of my novels “Alexandra” and “Alice” to be downloaded for free however I have now unpublished both novels.
My novel “Alexandra” was somewhat successful. It was downloaded and read many tens of thousands of times and I received many kind blog comments and emails from my readers. I plan to revise and republish “Alexandra” under my new writing pen-name “Lance Greencastle“.
My novel “Alice” had more mixed success. It never really found an audience. I got many more mixed comments and reviews about this story than any other that I have published. I may revise and republish “Alice” at some stage, or I may take the concept and rework it into another story. Either way it will probably be published under my “Lance Greencastle” pen-name.
Thank you for your interest in my work.

34 Responses to Free eBook Samples

  1. Myrna Ty says:

    Thank you so much for writing the book “Alexandra”. It was a beautiful love story and I enjoyed reading it so much. Please write more and more powers to you.

  2. MARIA says:

    wow the book is interesting and thrilling wish you could also allow alice the whole book to be downloaded…please

    • Declan says:

      Hi Maria,
      Thanks for the kind words, I’m really glad you like my writing. Unfortunately I don’t give Alice away for free because if I gave all my stuff away then I wouldn’t make any money.
      – Declan

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  4. Ricky says:

    Alexandra is an amazing book when i started reading it i had to fore myself to stop and get stuff done incrediable please keep writting.

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