Story Overload

I blame you guys

At least those who have commented and e-mailed me about Seducing a girl. About half of you seem to think that more will be seen of the girl on the couch and that she might play some further part in Justine’s and John’s story. This had not been my plan. She was supposed to have just a “walk on” part. She was never going to be seen again.(Look people, I didn’t even bother giving her a name.) But now that several people have mentioned that they would like to see more of her I can’t get ideas for her out of my head.
There is also another “walk on” part for a girl towards the end of Justine, and now she has that part as well. She fits the part and now there is an extra thread running through the story’s universe, so it is all good.
She also now has a name, “Julie”. Originally she was just going to be a sex object for Justine to use to play with John, and you don’t need a name for an object. Now you guys have got me thinking about her she has become a “real” person with a name and she wants her own story line!
However I don’t have space for her story line in the novel Justine. Except for her two brief appearances at the party in the beginning and towards the end, in a scene that shows a fundamental change in Justine, but which I can not describe without telling you half the story of the novel, there is no space for her. So she has ended up having her own “mini series”. I have a story outline for her that is about 4 chapters long (25,000 words). Now all I have to do is find the time to write it!
If you look at the sidebar on my site you will see a section titled “Work in Progress” there are currently 3 novels listed with a progress meter for each.
However I now have about 20 other stories started, or outlined with a plot and an plan. But I can’t work on every idea I have or I would never get anything finished. So only the 3 stories I am currently working on get a progress meter.
So if you see “Julie’s Story” popping up as a progress meter in my sidebar you know that she jumped up and grabbed me by the throat and won’t let go until she has her story told.

I can’t place the blame entirely on my readers. I did after all spend most of last weekend working on plotting/developing/outlining and writing some key scenes of another novel entitled “Domestic Service”. Again this is a brief flash of inspiration that grew into an entire novel almost over night. It started with a couple of images of some Manga that I downloaded from the Internet (Ragnarock City if you must know) and some of the costumes caught something in my imagination and out popped a future history of an overcrowded earth, with 99% of the population living in poverty, not knowing where their next meal was coming from, and the elite 1% living in luxury enclaves behind hi-tech security in a 21st century paradise: flying to orbital space station spas for week long parties, having the latest medical procedures and their every whim administered to. The story is about a young girl, called Aimee, who enters “domestic service” as a sex slave in one of the luxury enclaves to escape the life of poverty that awaits her on the outside.
However Aimee is also a character with a mind of her own. Not content with being a sex slave in one novel she has demanded a trilogy where she ends up leading a revolution that overthrows the corrupt social order and the whole story is written “by her” as she sits in her prison cell awaiting the verdict of a tribunal set up to try her for crimes against humanity.
However Aimee’s story is now parked and I am once again concentrating on writing Terminal Singularity. Then I’ll finish Justine and then I’ll finish Alice. (At least that is the current plan.)

So Happy birthday Julie, you are now a character with her own story. And you get to star along side the third most important character in Justine. I say he is the third most important character because he plays a pivotal role in the development of Justine’s and John’s relationship. Although he still doesn’t have a name, he is just called “Master” in the story. But “Master” does suit his character. We will eventually see how Master instructs Julie in the finer arts of BDSM submission and self esteem. I say “we” because I don’t quite know what is going to happen in that story because it seems that all my characters have a mind of their own.
But I think I am looking forward to the adventure.

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One Response to Story Overload

  1. Lance says:

    Don’t you just hate it when your characters get all up-a-tie and start demanding things from you. Why can’t they be good little characters and just do as they’re told?