A Job in the Country

Working as a handy man for a beautiful woman at her country house has its advantages.
Especially as her husband is away on an extended business trip.
Most especially as her two daughters are also beautiful, as to are their friends.
And David is willing to take all the perks he is given.
For a young man like David life just couldn’t get any better, if he can only keep up the pace.

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  1. dinesh says:

    i join any job

  2. I truly enjoy your site… Even the spammers are quite entertaining.

  3. moman says:

    hey this is by far one of my favorites please complete it if you need any help i would happily be willing to give some ideas if you would like. i think you could do so much with this story dont give up yet.

    sam15mohsen@yahoo.co.uk just email me there if you are intrested

  4. Declan says:

    Hi Justus
    Thanks for the great comment.
    The English name of Gabriel García Márquez’s novel is “Love in the Time of Cholera”.

    Counting scenes rather than words to track the progress of my novels is a very good idea and one that I am going to use in the future, when I have finished my current novel Alice.
    I have never liked counting words. And sometimes I spend an hour or two working on a story, and complete a scene or chapter, but I might actually have deleted more words that I have written. So while the total word count might have gone down the novel is more completed.
    Chapters are too big to count and also most of the time one can’t sit down and write a whole chapter in one writing session. But you can sit down and write a scene in one session and feel that you are making progress.
    Word counts are useful if you are producing a physical book for commercial publication, as the book has to be a certain range of pages (enough pages so that a browser in a book shop holding the book in their hands will think that they are getting value for money, but not too many pages as that will increase the printing cost.) But in the online world the word count is not as important. The quality of the words is what counts not how many you write. So in future I am going to be counting scenes and not words.

  5. Justus Doit says:

    … I forgot to add a hint for a excellent example: Read the first few pages of Garcia Márquez: Love at the times of the Cholera (I’m not really sure about the exact wording of the english title, though) As a writer, you’ll certainly see instantly the tiny hints strewn in that serve as triggers to curiosity…

  6. Justus Doit says:

    High Declan,
    I agree, the beginning is fine – only that it sounds too good to be true. Especially the few sentences on the web, that are shown before … read chapter 1 … need some hint to a “but…” I suggest a form like
    …. if only…+
    …the lady of the house at times wouldn’t talk so demanding, …or…
    …there wouldn’t have been the one daughter that took to be a born again christian…
    … or …
    … I knew the art of not getting accustomed to paradise…
    Did I succeed to get the point across the Atlantic Ocean ?
    Just to inform: I do not count the daily word production. I do better by counting scenes. The feeling of completion is more intense and thus serves much better as supply of power & motivation.
    Anyway, more words, please!

  7. LitBit©h says:

    I didn`t read very far, but your conventions already need some work. Content seems ok, but as some constructive criticism from one writer to another, the conventions you use and the way you use them can make or break a story.

  8. Mutendi says:

    This is one hell of a beginning. I am on tenterhooks already.

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