Chapter 2

I woke up the next morning feeling more relaxed than I’d ever remember feeling before. And that despite the fact that I’d spent the night sleeping on a sofa. It was the sun streaming through the windows and striking my closed eyelids that dragged me back to consciousness. And the first thing I heard was the noise of the birds singing in the trees outside.
It took me a moment to remember where I was. Then the events of the previous night came flooding back to me. I looked around in sudden embarrassment. And even though I was alone in the room I pulled the blanked that was half draped over me tightly around my waist.
A door opened behind me and I turned to see the blond woman, who’s name I remembered as Rachel, come into the room.
“Oh, you’re awake then,” she smiled at me.
“Yes,” I smiled sheepishly back.
“Good,” she walked over and laid a bundle on the sofa beside me. “I brought you your clothes.” Her smile widened, “I thought you might need them.”
“Thank you,” I laughed softly.
She paused a moment, her eyes scanning up and down me, noting the way I pulled the blanked around myself. “We’re having brunch in the kitchen, why don’t you come and join us after you have washed and dressed.”
“O.K.” I said, but made no move to start dressing.
She nodded and turned to go. “It’s through this door and straight down the corridor,” she turned to face me as she opened the door. “You can’t get lost.”
“Thank you,” I said relaxing a little at her friendly manor.
“Don’t take too long,” she smiled again. “Or there’ll be no orange juice left.” She stepped through the door, then turned to add “Oh, the bathroom is the third door on the right”. And she closed the door quietly behind her.
I sighed and slumped in the sofa for a moment. Then I sat up and checked my clothes. Everything was there, including my wallet with my meager supply of cash intact. Well, I mused looking around at the fine furnishings, I don’t suppose she needs to pick my pocket. My bag was nowhere to be seen. I guessed I’d have to ask her about it over breakfast.
As soon as I had dressed I walked over to the door and opened it to look down a narrow corridor. The door at the other end looked a lot less ornate than the one at this end and I guessed that this corridor was to allow the servants to bring the food up from the kitchen.
I was exceedingly nervous about going and meeting the people I had been with last night. It was one thing to be carried away in the heat of the moment, especially when every body else was doing it. But to face some, if not all, of them in the cold light of day, well that was something I didn’t know I could handle. But then the only alternative was to slink off and not even thank my host and that was totally out of the question, even if I’d had some place to slink off to.
My heart fell. It suddenly occurred to me that I really had no place to go to. I’d come down expecting to meet Derek and to get a job and at least temporary accommodation from him, but now I didn’t know where I was. I’d walked in on a bunch of strangers having an orgy and stayed for breakfast, but they wouldn’t want me staying for much longer. They can’t have an orgy every day. And even if they did I don’t think I’d have been able to keep up with them.
But still I’d been invited to breakfast. I might as well go and enjoy it and then see what would happen next. I started to walk down the corridor. After all, I smiled to myself, it might be the last good meal I would have for a while.
I walked by an open door on the right and looked in to see a bathroom. Then I noticed my holdall on the floor beside the hand basin. It was open and as I stepped closer I saw that my razor and toothbrush had been laid out on the shelve above. I looked at myself in the mirror, ran my hand over my chin and decided that I really should wash and shave before presenting myself at breakfast.
I used the toilet and turned to the hand basin. The hot tap produced plenty of hot water and there was soap, shaving cream and toothpaste laid out, so I wasted no time in freshening myself up. After I was finished I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled. I not only looked better, I felt better too.
I packed my stuff back into my holdall, slung it over my shoulder and continued down the corridor to the kitchen. I stopped at the closed door and taking a deep breath, I composed myself before putting my hand on the door handle and pushed it open.
To reveal a woman with dark blond, curly hair sitting at a large, oak table. She looked up as I peeked in. She smiled at me and seemed somewhat familiar. Then Rachel stepped into my field of view.
“Don’t be shy, Dave,” Rachel smiled. “Come on in. Ester won’t bite you.”
The two women smiled at each other.
I pushed open the door fully and walked into the big old kitchen. All around the walls were presses and worktops, with an old dresser full of stoneware just inside the door. A lot of money had been spent modernizing it, but you could still tell it had been built at the time when the owners would have had a cook and many maids to run around doing the work for them.
“Kidneys, bacon and eggs. How does that sound?” Rachel picked up a blue tea towel.
“Fine,” I sat down at the table.
“Good, because that’s what you are getting,” she look a covered plate from the warming compartment of her stove and placed it in front of me. “Careful, the plate is very hot,” she took the lid off and stepped back.
It was only then that I smelt the food and as my stomach rumbled, I realised I was starving. It took me only about forty five seconds to consume the two eggs, six rashers of bacon and two lambs kidneys. Then I helped myself to six slices of toast and a couple mugs of ice cold milk.
I looked up and found both Ester and Rachel smiling at me. I blushed.
“Oh, don’t worry,” Rachel assured. “We like men with big appetites.”
“Oh, yes,” Ester agreed.
I smiled back and ate the last peace of toast.
Ester looked at her watch. “Well, I’d better be making a move,” she stood up. “Its nearly two.”
“Its not, is it?” I could not believe that it was so late.
“Yes, that’s right, sleepy bones,” Rachel mockingly scolded. “You’ve slept half the day away.”
“Why didn’t you wake me,” I stood up as if I were in a hurry somewhere and realized that I had no where to go. Except back home and I did not want that.
“You looked so cute while you were asleep,” Rachel sighed. “I just didn’t have the heart to disturb you.”
I smiled and looked down at my empty plate.
“Rachel tells me that you are looking for a job,” Ester said.
“Well, yes,” I looked at her. “I was told by a friend of my brothers that there was an opening here. But there doesn’t seem to be one.”
“You’d better not sleep half the day away in your new job,” Ester stopped beside the door to pick up a light grey and pink over night bag. “Or you’ll not keep it for long.”
We walked out side and around to the front of the house were a red BMW convertible was parked.
“Come on,” Ester took car keys out of her pocket.
“Where to?” I asked.
“You said you were looking for a job, didn’t you?” she dropped her bag on the back seat.
“Yes,” I answered.
“Well I’m offering you one,” she turned to Rachel. “It was a marvellous do.”
They embraced and kissed each other’s cheek.
“Thank you for coming,” Rachel smiled back at her. “And thank you Dave,” she turned to me.
I opened my mouth to speak, but couldn’t think of anything to say.
Rachel put her hand to the side of my face and ran her fingertips down my jaw. “I hope we’ll meet again,” she said. “Soon.”
“I’m sure we will,” I put my hand up to touch her’s. But she took it away and turned back to Ester.
“Take good care of him, won’t you,”she said.
“I’ll treat him like a lord,” Ester replied.
The two women embraced again. Then Ester got into the car. I hurried around and got into the passenger seat. I’d barely had time to fasten my seat belt before Ester revved up the engine and, with a final wave and a “Cheery bye!” to Rachel, crunched gravel and sped down the drive.
She seemed to know the roads quite well and within minutes we were off the side roads and onto a main duel-carriageway.
She took us up to seventy, then casually asked, “So how many times did you get it last night?”
“What?” stunned I turned my head to look at her.
“How many times did you get to come last night?” she kept her eyes fixed on the road, her hair blowing back in the slipstream.
“I’ve never been asked that question before,” I looked ahead again.
“Well,” she changed down gear to take a corner. “I bet you had never been to an orgy before last night, either.”
I turned to look at her again. She was smiling.
“Well?” she asked when I didn’t reply.
I didn’t know what to say.
She took a quick look at me. Her smile broadened when she saw the look on my face. “So how many girls did you have before last night?” she asked.
“Only two,” I felt I had nothing to loose by being honest.
“Both long term girlfriends?” she focused her eyes back on the road.
“Well nine and eighteen months,” I shrugged. “If that’s long term.”
“So how many’s your total now?” we came to a straight stretch and she put her foot down.
“Well, I didn’t think to count,” I sat back and looked ahead again.
“And how many times did you get to come?” we slowed and turned off the main road.
“About five or six times,” I hadn’t counted them either.
“Not bad,” we took another turn and almost immediately another. “Considering that you arrived late.”
I was completely lost but she seemed to know where she was going. “Did I miss much?” I asked as we turned down a very narrow lane.
“Not really, she slowed to take a sharp bend then braked to stop beside a gate as the lane came to an end. She turned and looked at me.
I was sitting with a beautiful woman, in a red BMW convertible, parked in a dead-end of a little narrow country lane, surrounded by trees and bushes, with a gate on my left leading to a field with a few cows grazing in it. And all I could think to say was, “So where are we?”
“It’s a special place,” she took a deep breath and smiled sweetly.
“A special place?” I wasn’t quite sure what she meant.
“Yes,” she looked at me. “Didn’t you ever have a special place when you were a child?”
“Not that I can recall,” I shrugged bemusedly.
“When I was a little girl I used to have this special place behind the rhododendrons bushes at the rear of our back lawn,” her eyes went misty as she remembered. “I used to think that nobody else knew that there was a gap between those bushes and the back wall. Though of course they did,” she sighed sweetly. “It was a magic place where I could be along and do anything that I pleased when I was a little girl.” She paused a moment, “And then as I got to be not so little it was the first place that I ever masturbated.” Her smile deepened, “and then the first place that I ever brought one of my boyfriends to have sex.”
My mouth went dry and my heart beat speeded up.
“My youngest daughter has a special place behind the tennis court,” she continued. “Its a small piece of lawn surrounded mostly by bushes and trees. Nobody goes there because it only ever gets a little sun in the middle of the day.” She focused her eyes on me again, “So she uses it as her special place.
“I see,” I said, though at the time I really didn’t know what she was talking about.
“Anyway,” her voice took on a more normal tone. “Now that I’m a woman I use this as my special place.
“What, the BMW?” I asked.
“No, Silly” she laughed. “This lane.” She waved her hand at the trees and bushes. “You see the lane only leads to one field, there,” she pointed at the cows on the other side of the gate. “And when the farmer extended the field he put another gate at the other end, nearer the barn. So now,” she looked at me again, “nobody ever uses this lane.”
“Except me,” she added with a sly wink.
I nodded finally getting the drift of where she was leading. And beginning to get aroused as a result.
“And now,” she reached under her seat and pushed it right back. “I want you to lick me out.” She half stood and turned around, kneeling on the seat and resting her elbows either side of the headrest.
“Huh?” I looked around, as if expecting to find she was talking to someone else.
“Come on,” she smiled. “I saw you doing it last night, so I know you know what to do.”
“Well yes,” I said. “I do. But …”
“But what?” she asked. “You’ve never done it in a car before?”
“Well, as a matter of fact, I have,” I stated. “With my first girlfriend, in her father’s car.”
“You’ve never done it amongst trees before?” I could tell she was laughing at me.
“No!” I said. “I’ve never done it in broad daylight, in the open before!”
“Oh, that’s all right,” she giggled. “The cows don’t mind at all.”
I found myself laughing with her.
“Come on,” she patted her bottom and thrust it up in the air. “I’m really horny.”

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