Chapter 2

I grabbed both our bags, slinging one over each shoulder, and walked after her to the house. She opened the front door and I followed her inside. There was a wide pine staircase running up the left hand wall, the central part of each stair covered with the same deep, rich, burgundy coloured carpet as the floor. There was an ornate mirror hung on the wall to the right above an gold and glass table. With a matching coat and umbrella stand. The subdued, matching colours showed good taste as well as money.
Ester shut the door behind me. “You can leave my bag here,” she said, before walking down the hall and opening a door at the far end. I dropped her bag, walked after her and found myself in the kitchen. It was one of those large kitchens where the eating area is separated from the cooking area by a long counter, what the Americans call a breakfast bar.
“I’ll show you where you’ll be living,” she walked towards the back door. “It’s attached to the house, but there is no direct internal access.”
She dropped her panties onto the counter. I followed her as she went through the back door and almost immediately turned left into what was clearly an extension to the house. We walked straight into a small bedroom, at least there was a small bed in the room.
“You have a little kitchen through there,” Ester pointed at a door in the opposite wall. “And a bathroom in there,” she indicated a door in the side wall.
I stuck my head through the first door and found myself looking into a long narrow kitchen. There was a fridge and cooker with pots and plates lying on top. And a big window which overlooked the front lawn and let in loads of light. Next I turned to the bathroom. It was even smaller. Just a shower cubical, a toilet and a wash basin. But it was all that I needed.
When I stepped back into the main room I found Ester sitting on the bed with her legs apart and her skirt pulled right up. I stopped, amazed by the appetite of this woman.
She looked up at me and smiled. Slowly she unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it open to reveal her breasts cupped in a white lace bra. She put her hands behind her on the bed and lent back, arching her back and lifting her breasts towards me. She was breathing heavily and I could see the muscles of her stomach work and her breasts gently squeezed within her bra as she took each breath.
Before I consciously realized the full extent of my desire my penis was erect again. She looked down at the bulge and smiled to herself. I dropped my bag, peeled off my T-shirt and pulled open my jeans. Kneeling between her legs I slipped my arms around her body and pulled her to me. Our lips and tongues met in a passionate kiss. And her legs wrapped around my hips as she slid off the bed onto my lap. I took my hand from her to fumble with my boxer shorts and free my erection. As soon as it was untangled she lifted herself up and sank down onto it. I easily pushed up deep into her.
We both started to orgasm immediately. I felt the tension in my balls as her vagina tightened around my shaft. She lifted her head right back and let out a long, deep moan, as our bodies pumped against each other. My breathing was fast and my thrusts hard and sharp. Her reaction to me was just as intense. I could feel her building to her climax and knew that I couldn’t hold back mine. I started to come. At each thrust I shot a spurt up into her. At each spurt she moaned and tensed against me in her own pleasure.
Five minutes later we lay against each other, exhausted and covered in sweat. Slowly our breathing returned to normal.
She stood up and started to button her blouse. “You keep this up and I’ll have to give you a pay rise,” she smiled.
I smiled up at her as I continued to kneel there.
“Come on,” she tucked her blouse back into the waistband of her skirt and walked towards the door. “I’ll show you the rest of the place.”
I stood and buttoned up my jeans as I followed her out side.
She walked to a shed opposite the kitchen door. “This is the tool shed,” she opened the door to let me look inside. “I don’t know exactly what tools are in there, but if you need anything else just ask and I’ll give you the money to buy it.”
I glanced inside at the rows of tools neatly stacked and placed on hooks on the walls. “It looks quite comprehensive,” I said. “Well stocked,” I added as she closed the door.
“Yes,” she smiled ruefully. “‘Well stocked’, that about sums me up.”
“Sorry?” I didn’t understand what she meant.
“On, nothing,” she brightened up. “Back this way we have a patio and a swimming pool.”
“Swimming pool?” I knew then she had more money than I’d thought at first.
“Yes,” she started to walk towards the back of the house. “I don’t mind if you use it, but of course the family have first preference and if there’re any guests we’d prefer you not to make too much mess.”
“Oh, I’ll be careful,” I said, knowing that she meant that I should keep to my place.
As we came around the house to the swimming pool we met a young girl coming in the opposite direction wheeling a bicycle. She had light blond hair tied back in a short ponytail, a light tan and startling blue eyes.
She saw Ester first and said, “Hi, mum.” Then I came fully around the corner and she noticed me. “Hi,” she said, turning her eyes to me and openly examining me with a look that seemed to take in everything she saw.
“Hi,” I half choked, as my heart skipped into a faster rhythm.
“Good afternoon, Elizabeth,” Ester’s smooth voice calmed my nerves a little. “This is Dave, our new odd-jobs man. Dave,” she half turned to face me. “This is Elizabeth, my youngest daughter.”
“Pleased to meet you,” Elizabeth’s gaze hadn’t left me for a moment as her mother spoke.
“Like wise,” I replied, trying to keep my voice steady, but not knowing how successful I was. As she was so openly looking at me I didn’t try to hide the fact that I looked her up and down in return.
She was wearing tight, black lycra cycling shorts with a yellow stripe along the outside of each leg and a matching yellow T-shirt. The T-shirt was baggy, as was the fashion, but you could just make out the curves of her petite breasts. Her slender ankles and small feet were encased in a pair of yellow and black tennis shoes. And there were two little parallel scrapes about an inch long just under her left knee.
“See you later,” Elizabeth ended my examination of her by walking pass us and disappearing around the corner of the house.
“My other daughter, Roslyn, is out with friends today,” Ester started walking again. “She should be back later this evening.”
“O.K.,” I followed Ester as she walked along the patio to the edge of the pool.
“There’s nets and stuff for cleaning the pool in the shed,” she waved at a small box beside the wall of the house. “That’s the controls and filter system over there.”
I nodded. Even though I’d never even seen a private swimming pool before never mind knew how to maintain one.
Ester walked on again. “Over there is the tennis court,” she pointed at the high fence behind the garage. “Its all weather so you won’t need to bother with it much. But the hedges around it will need trimming. And the fence needs to patched up in one or
two places.”
“O.K.,” I said. “I’ll look into it.”
“And that’s all really,” she led me around the next corner of the house and up a narrow strip between the wall of the house and the side of the garage. “Apart from the lawns and trimming the hedges, there’s nothing much else to do.”
Then she looked at me slyly, “But I’ll try to keep you busy.”
We smiled at each other as she led me back around to the front door. We walked back into the house and down the hall to the kitchen.
“The dining room and lounge are on the right,” Ester waved at the two doors on that side of the hall. “And my husband’s study is on the left,” she pointed to a closed door under the stairs. “But you won’t be in there much.”
I nodded as she looked pointedly at me.
“A woman, called Mrs. Mackenzie, comes in three times a week to clean and tidy. I’ll introduce you to her when she comes tomorrow,” she opened the kitchen door and walked in.
I followed and found Elizabeth bent over looking in the fridge. The fridge faces the door from the hall and as I entered I could plainly see the outline of her firm buttocks encased in the tight lycra as she rummaged in the bottom of the fridge.
My heart skipped and my balls tightened at the sight. Then she straightened up and her T-shirt fell down to cover her again. “I was just making myself a sandwich, Mum,” she carried a jar of mayonnaise and a packet of ham over to the counter, were half a loaf of bread was already waiting.
“I was just about to make a microwave dinner,” Ester sighed. “There’s no time to cook properly now.”
“Its all right, Mum,” Elizabeth started to ladle mayonnaise onto the bread. “I ate over at Sara’s.”
“Oh, very well,” Ester turned to me. “Well I’d better let you get settled in, Dave.”
“Oh, yes,” I said. And headed for the door.
“You’ll find food in your fridge,” Ester walked towards her’s. “I hope you’ll like what you find.”
“I’m sure I will,” I smiled at Ester, then closed the door behind me. I noticed Elizabeth’s bike was propped up against the side of the shed as I walked across to my little flat.

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