Chapter 2

I cooked myself a quick dinner of frozen burgers and oven chips, which I’d found in the little fridge in the kitchenette. Then decided to start earning my keep by checking out exactly what was in the tool shed. And getting it all in working order. I dumped the dirty dishes in the sink and went out to the shed.
It was dark and musty. There was a light switch just inside the door but nothing happened when I flicked it up and down. Along the left wall were arrayed a wide selection of power tools. Everything from a drill and a hedge trimmer to a cordless powered screwdriver. I picked up the latter but the power must have been out to its socket as well, as it was completely dead.
Along the other wall was a selection of hand tools. Complete sets of spanners, screwdrivers and hammers arranged in neat order and hung on hooks. Underneath this was a wooden workbench with vice grips attached to the sides.
Opposite the door was a stack of paint and varnish tins. And tucked into one corner was a petrol drum. With a petrol driven lawnmower in the other.
As I said it was quite gloomy. The only light came from two small skylights in the roof. Neither of them were very clean and one of them was half over grown with ivy.
It was while I was looking up at the ceiling inspecting the skylights that I heard someone opening the door. I looked around expecting to see Ester, but instead I saw a girl of about my own age.
“Looking for divine inspiration?” she smiled at me.
“Err, no,” I replied. “I was looking to see if the skylights open. The lights aren’t working and I thought I might get some more light that way.”
She picked up a coil of electrical cord that hung on a hook just inside the door. “You have to run this to a socket in the kitchen if you want power in here,” she said. “Its not connected into the supply.”
“Oh I see,” I hesitated a fraction.
She looked at me a moment. “I’m Roslyn,” she said. “The eldest daughter of the house.”
“Hi, I’m Dave,” I nodded.
“Yes,” she looked around the shed. “I thought you must be.”
She didn’t say anything else, but she didn’t seem in a hurry to go either.
“Is there anything I can do for you?” I inquired.
“Mother met you at an orgy didn’t she?” she looked straight at me.
“Well,” I couldn’t deny it. “Yes she did.”
“Was it your first one?” she didn’t seem as nervous as I was beginning to feel.
“As a matter of fact it was,” I replied.
“So you’ve had sex with my mother,” it was more of a statement than a question.
“Why do you want to know?” I felt I’d better get control of this conversation.
“Because she always has sex with the hired help,” the light was dim and I couldn’t quite see the expression on her face.
“Well,” I shrugged. “If she wants to that’s her business.”
“I just thought you might like to know,” she turned to look at the power tools hung on the wall.
“Is it a family trait?” I asked.
There was silence for a moment. And I thought that I might have gone too far.
“You know,” she turned to face me again and stepped closer. “Of all the tools in this shed there’s only one that I’m really interested in.”
“And which is that,” I replied just moments before I realised what her answer would be.
“This one,” she stepped close to me and hooked her fingers under my crotch.
I could feel the heat of her body through the thin cotton of her dress as she pressed close to me. My mouth went dry and I could feel myself responding to her touch.
“Well I …” I started to speak, but her tongue was in my mouth before I could form my sentence.
Then my arms were around her, crushing her to my body. I ran my hands up and down her slim back. Her hard nipples pressed into me. Her left arm was around my neck pulling me down. Her right arm was trapped between our bodies, her fingers still gripping my testicles hard.
I ran my hands down her back, across her hips and onto her buttocks. Her dress was made from very light cotton and I didn’t feel any underwear underneath. My knees started to give way so I sank to the ground between her feet, my mouth coming level with her left nipple. I parted my lips and sucked as much of her breast into my mouth as I could. My tongue pressing the now damp cotton to her skin. Her hard nipple throbbing under its touch.
Her hands wrapped themselves around my head and squeezed me against her, her fingers gripping and releasing my hair in time to the rhythm of my tongue and lips on her breast. Her hot breath on my ear as she bent her mouth down to lick and kiss me.
My hands slid down her buttocks and along her legs. First pressing the skirt of her dress to her skin, then coming to bare skin at the backs of her knees. I gently squeezed her ham strings and pulled her knees towards my hips. She sank down onto my lap.
Her breast slipped from my mouth, but her tongue trailed across my cheek from my ear and replaced it as her legs settled around my waist. Her hands were still locked around my head. Her fingers tangled in my hair, but now following the rhythm of her tongue as she probed deep into my mouth.
I pushed my hands back up her thighs and onto her buttocks again. Letting the fingers of my right hand slip between them, while I brought my left hand up under her dress and along her back. Her dress caught in the crook of my elbow and I couldn’t
reach up far enough to embrace her properly. So I let my hand return to her bottom, while the fingers of my right hand searched under and between them, finding her warm and moist and tender.
She gasped as my fingers parted her outer labia, her tongue almost slipping from my mouth. Then she tightened her grip on the back of my head and redoubled her lunges as she started to grind her hips against mine.
My finger slipped inside her and she flexed the muscles of her vagina in time with her tongue and hips. I brought my left hand around her waist and between us to open my jeans and let my bulging penis out. My erection slapped up against her abdomen as I pulled open my boxer shorts. And she pushed herself up so I could slide it under her. I used my fingers to guide my erection into her. She sank back down again and pushed down so hard that I gasped as she took my full erection inside her.
She started to peak immediately. And I wasn’t far behind. My hands came up to her hips, her legs wrapped around mine as I thrust up into her and she bore down no me.
We pounded together and pulled apart, once, twice, and she grunted as I rammed all the way in. Three, four times and her head arched back, her mouth gasping open for breath. Five and six, and her fingers felt as if they were making dents in my skull. Seven, eight, and she arched back so much I had to bring my hands up her back to hold her upright. Nine, ten and the grip of her vagina on my penis so tight that I could hardly contain myself. Eleven, twelve, and her whole body whipped forward as her orgasm overtook her.
I was thrown on my back, my hands sprawled either side. She landed heavily on top of me, her elbows digging into my shoulders, her hands slapping the concrete floor either side of my head as her vagina gripped my erection in orgasmic convulsions.
My head rolled back and my body arched upwards as my own orgasm consumed me. I pumped quick hot jets of semen into her. Her vagina contracting so tightly that I wouldn’t have believed any could have forced their way in.
As I collapsed back onto the floor she flopped down on top of me. Her shoulder length hair spraying across my neck and chin as she rested her head on my shoulder. We lay there for a few moments catching our breaths, my penis quickly going limp and dropping out of her.
Suddenly she pushed herself up and smiled down at me. “That was nice, Dave.” She stood up, one leg either side of me as I looked up at her. “We must do this again some time,” she laughed.
Quickly she pulled down her skirt and straightened the bodice of her dress. Then turned around and walked out, letting the door swing shut behind her.
I lay there for a while catching my breath. But once my heart beat slowed I could think of nothing else to do but to get up, tidy my clothing and calmly return to stock taking the contents of the tool shed.

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