Chapter 4

The next day was one of those glorious summer days where the sun starts shining brightly the moment it clears the horizon and beams down uninterrupted until dusk. The air was fresh, the sky was blue and there was a soft breeze to drift the smell of newly cut grass across the scene. The only thing to mar the peace was some irritating sod down by the road with a very loud radio tuned to a local pop station. But I determined not to let that spoil my breakfast.
Dumping the dirty dishes in the sink, besides yesterdays, I told myself that I really would wash them up later. Stepping outside I took a deep breath and remembered that hedge trimming was the order of the day. On such a beautiful morning I didn’t particularly feel like hacking at innocent, helpless plants who were only extending their branches to soak up more of the precious sunlight bestowed so freely from heaven, but if Ester wanted them regimented into neat order who was I to disagree.
I strolled around to the tool shed, took a petrol driven hedge trimmer from its rack on the wall and spent a good twenty minutes cleaning it up and wiping down the blades with an oily rag before topping up the tank and setting off for the tennis court.
As I came around the corner of the house Roslyn strolled out of the lounge wearing a short robe.
“‘Morning, David,” she yawned.
“Good morning, Miss,” I replied.
“You don’t have to be so formal with me,” she undid the belt of the robe. “After yesterday I think you can call me Ross,” she smiled.
“Sure thing, Ross,” I smiled back.
“Why, what happened yesterday?” I looked around to fine that her mother had followed her out of the house.
I gulped down my smile.
“Oh, nothing,” Roslyn turned away and slipped the robe from her shoulders. “David just came upon me and Elizabeth skinny-dipping in the pool yesterday morning, that’s all.”
For a moment I thought she was about to do the same again as the robe dropped to uncover her naked back. It wasn’t until the robe had dropped far enough to reveal her bottom that I realized that she was wearing a swimsuit. It was just that the strap that ran behind her neck had been concealed by her hair and the suit was cut so as to leave all of her back bear. Though even the inner halves of her buttocks that where covered by the red lycra of her suit were clearly defined. As was the cleft that ran between.
“I’ve told you before that I don’t want you doing that!” Ester stated.
But Roslyn pretended that she hadn’t heard her mother and dove straight into the pool before she could be expected to reply. We stood there and watched her glide under the water to surface at the far end of the pool, gasp in some air and dive again.
“So you’re off to do the hedges,” Ester turned to me.
“Yes, Mam,” I tore my eyes from her daughter.
“You don’t have to call me Mam, David,” she said.
“But I like you call you Mam, Mam,” I smiled at her. “It’s to let you know that I can be of service to you any time you wish.”
“Yes,” she smiled back. And as she turned to go back into the house her loosened robe gave me a glimpse that she was naked underneath. “Well don’t let me keep you from your hedge trimming,” and she stepped inside.
Smiling to myself I set about earning my day’s pay.
I was half way down the first side hedge and taking a break from trimming, when I saw Elizabeth pass on the other side heading towards the back lawn with a canvas bag over her shoulder. She was walking fast and keeping a keen eye on the house. She was also wet and was wearing the same blue swimsuit as yesterday.
“Hi, Elizabeth,” I called over the top of the hedge.
She jumped and twirled to face me. “Oh, David,” she put her hand to her heart, and incidentally pushed her left breast up a few inches under her swim suite. “You gave me a start.”
“Sorry,” I smiled. “I didn’t mean to frighten you.”
“Oh, it’s nothing,” she started walking again. “I’m sorry but I don’t have time to chat just now.”
“That’s all right,” I replied “I’m supposed to be working anyway.” And I bent down to start the trimmer again. Then I lent over the hedge and watched her as she walked away. Her slim legs pumping away and her firm buttocks working under her tight, wet swim suit. I felt a growing erection before she turned behind the higher hedge at the back of the tennis court and disappeared from my sight.
I concentrated on trimming and didn’t see her return. How ever once I’d finished that side I started work on the back hedge and discovered the canvas bag she’d been carrying earlier hidden underneath. I looked around, but there was no one to be seen anywhere. So I squatted down and to examine the bag. An almost sexual trill of excitement going through me as I opened it.
Inside was a tube of massage lotion, sitting on top of a rolled up magazine. I took out the lotion and put it to one side. But as I took out the magazine something slid out from inside and landed beside my feet. I looked down to see a seven inch vibrator lying on the grass. My mouth went dry and my heart started beating faster as I opened the magazine to discover a sequence of photos of a well built man taking off sports clothes in a locker room and then taking a shower, before dressing in a posh looking suit and tie.
I flipped through the pages catching glimpses of lots of tanned, muscular flesh till I came to the centre fold. I turned it sideways to look at a picture of a man with the physique to please any two, or even three, ordinary men. I swallowed hard and closed the magazine. Rolling it back around the vibrator before repacking the bag and putting it back where I’d found it.
My opinion of Elizabeth had completely changed. She was not quite the innocent little sixteen year old I’d thought she was. I mulled what I found over in my head as I finished trimming the hedges and gathered up the cut branches to be burned.
As I walked back to the tool shed with the trimmer I noticed that the roses around the patio seem somewhat untidy. “I suppose I might as well trim them too,” I muttered to myself. So I brought back a pair of pruning shears and started on them.
A few minutes later Elizabeth come around the side of the house with another girl of about her own age. The new girl was thin with very pale skin, jet black hair cut real short and stunning green eyes. Both girls wore light summer dresses. Elizabeth’s was white with a peach and orange floral pattern. The other’s was pale blue.
“Ho. Hi, David,” Elizabeth smiled when she saw me.
“Hello, there,” I stood up, the pruning shears still in my hand and smiled back at her.
She gestured to the other girl. “This is Sara. Sara,” she pointed back to me, “This is David, he’s our mmm… Odd-jobs-man.”
“Pleased to meet you, Sara,” I smiled, amused at the job description.
Sara smiled back, our eyes meeting for a moment before she dropped her gaze.
“We’re going to the back lawn to sunbathe,” Elizabeth glanced from me to Sara and back. “See you later David.”
“Yes,” I replied. “See you.” And turned back to my work.
Elizabeth took Sara’s hand and the two walked down the lawn. I snipped a couple of branches before turning to look at them.
Sara wore white bobby socks and a light pair of leather sandals, but Elizabeth was bare foot and her lightly tanned skin stood out against the green blades of grass. They walked close enough that the skirts of their dress brushed against each other enveloping their clasped hands. Their slender young legs strode in time with each other’s as they took each grace full step, holding hands and laughing together.
When they where halfway down the lawn Elizabeth guided Sara’s arm around her waist, then slipped her own around Sara’s. I think Sara leaned close and kissed Elizabeth’s cheek. But then Elizabeth yelped as Sara stepped on her foot. They separated and Sara turned her head to look back at me. I returned my concentration to the pruning, pretending that I hadn’t been looking at them and hadn’t heard Elizabeth’s yelp.
Elizabeth told Sara to take off her sandals. When I causally looked back at them I saw Sara bent over taking them off. While Elizabeth stood beside her rubbing the thin cotton of Sara?s dress and pressing it into the crack between her buttocks. Elizabeth turned her head and winked at me. I just looked back as my jaw dropped. Then Sara straightened up and with her sandals in her hand allowed Elizabeth’s hand to remain on her bum as they turned to walk behind the hedge that surrounds the tennis court.
As they disappeared from my view I had an impulse to follow them. After all Elizabeth’s wink seemed to be an invitation. But even so I couldn’t simply just walk down and stand there looking at them. Then I remembered that there was a repair job to be done on the tennis court fence. The wire mesh hand come away from the support at the back corner. I’d had more than enough of pruning by this time and all that separated the tennis court from the lawn where Elizabeth and Sara had gone was the hedge I’d just trimmed and I’d noticed that there were quite a few gaps where one could peep through.
I gathered up the bits of branches I’d cut off and nipped quickly around to the tool shed. There I swapped the pruning shears for a toolbox and small roll of wire. Then I strolled as casually as I could passed the sitting room window towards the tennis court. Ester was on the telephone and smiled at me as I passed the open French window, then turn her back, her head bent, to continue her conversation. It didn’t look as if she would be finished soon so I didn’t stop to see if she wanted anything.
The only sounds where of birds and insects as I strolled towards the tennis court. The person with the radio had mercifully either gone off or worn out the batteries. I walked around the outside of the fence to the corner where the mesh had come lose from the supports. Quickly I took the wire and tied a couple of links to the corner post. There was no sound from beyond the hedge.
I left the open tool box beside the fence and tiptoed over to the hedge. To my dismay I found the canvas bag was still where I’d found it. However when I peeked through the hedge I saw the two girls.
Sara was lying on her back with her arm across her eyes. Elizabeth was sitting beside her, leaning back on her elbows. Both girls were lying at an angle away from me. But I could clearly see that they both had their skirts rolled up to sun their legs.
“Its so quite here,” Sara spoke in a lazy voice.
“Yes,” Elizabeth agreed. “And nobody ever comes here, except me.” She sat up and started to unbutton the front of her dress. “So its perfectly safe to sunbathe properly.”
“What do you mean properly?” Sara lifted her arm from her eyes to look at Elizabeth. “Oh,” she gasped.
And I almost gasped too, because Elizabeth and dropped the top of her dress to reveal that she hadn’t had a bra on underneath. A few moments later she took it completely off to show that she hadn’t had any panties on either.
“Aren’t you afraid, Elizabeth?” Sara whispered.
“Of what?” retorted Elizabeth.
“Of being seen,” Sara sat up.
“You’ve already seen me,” Elizabeth smiled. “And I’ve seen you.”
“I mean someone else,” Sara looked around.
Elizabeth looked around too, but in an exaggerated, sarcastic manner. Then, looking straight at the hedge I was behind, said, “I don’t see anybody around.” And looked back to Sara, “And no strangers can see us either.”
“Really,” Sara seemed unconvinced.
“Listen,” Elizabeth stretched out on the grass. “You don’t have to undress if you don’t want to. But I for one am not going to get tan lines if I can help it.”
Sara hesitated a moment looking down at her naked friend. Then furtively unzipped the back of her dress. From where I was I could see the white line of a bra strap running across her back. She knelt up and timidly inched her dress down to her knees, then sat down and pushed it off her legs. She sat there for a moment in her white bra and panties nervous about taking them off, but having no excuse not to with out looking like a prude in front of Elizabeth.
Finally she compromised. Taking a deep breath she unhooked her bra and, holding one arm across her breasts, she slipped it off and put it on top of her dress. Then she quickly turned around and lay on her front, her arms pressed tight to each side so nothing of her breasts could be seen.
This was in contrast with Elizabeth who lay on her back with her arms casually out to each side, her legs stretched below her, with her left knee slightly bent. Sara was tense. Elizabeth completely relaxed.
They lay like that for a while. Neither said anything and the only movement was Elizabeth occasionally brushing a fly from her face. Sara slowly relaxed as nothing bad happened to them. Then the sod with the loud radio came back into earshot. Sara tensed up again, but Elizabeth didn’t react. I waited patiently and a couple of songs later the radio faded away again.
Elizabeth rolled over onto her stomach and supported herself on her elbows. As she was facing the hedge I was behind I had a perfect view of her breasts hanging underneath. Her nipples being softly caressed as the grass sprang up after being flattened by her.
“You know,” Elizabeth looked up towards me, but talked to her friend. “You can get tanning marks from panties as well.”
“I know,” Sara was slightly sullen.
“You’re all tense,” Elizabeth spoke lightly. “Why don’t I give you a massage?”
Sara remained silent.
“Come on,” Elizabeth cajoled. “You always like that.”
“You don’t have any oil,” Sara looked up.
“Oh yes I do,” Elizabeth sprang up and jogged across the grass to the hedge.
I suddenly realized that I was hiding at the same spot the bag was. It was too late to move without definitely been seen. I thought Elizabeth was sure to discover me and scream or something.
But Elizabeth just reached down and took out the bag. “I’ve come prepared,” she called back. But before she turned around she winked at me.
My heart stopped beating. But then she turned away, her hips and bottom swayed as she walked back to her friend. Bending over she stuck her bum in the air giving me a good view of her vaginal lips. She took out the tube of massage lotion, then took out the magazine and put it on the ground this side of the bag. The magazine unrolled to reveal the vibrator. But even if Sara looked up it would be hidden from her by the bag.
Elizabeth straddled her friend, putting a knee either side, but not touching her in any way. She squirted a generous amount of lotion onto her hand. The swell of her breasts brushing Sara’ hair as she lent forward to leave the tube beside the bag. Then Elizabeth rubbed her hands together to spread the lotion evenly and pressed her palms onto Sara’s shoulders.
She started to massage the tense muscles there, alternating heavy kneading with gentle circular motions. Sara started to visibly unwind. Elizabeth worked her way down Sara’s left arm, lifting it away from her body and holding it in space as she twisted her fingers around each muscle in turn, caressing all the way down to the tips of each of Sara’s fingertips. Then she repeated the process on Sara’s other arm.
Once the arms were done she switched back to Sara’s body Starting from the neck she began to move down her spine flowing out and around and back in again, each hand mirroring the one on the other side of her body.
She circled across her shoulder blades, down the back of her rib cage, passed Sara’s kidneys to the small of her back. Taking her time Elizabeth touched and caressed each inch of Sara’s body a hundred times till her fingers ran into Sara’s panties.
Elizabeth whispered softly, “I’m going to get oil all over your panties.” She looked up at Sara’s face, “Shall I slip them off?”
“O.K.” Sara sighed and didn’t even open her eyes as she lifted her hips off the ground.
Elizabeth slipped her thumbs into the panties and slid them off Sara’s bottom. Then she ran her hands down the backs of Sara’s legs, pushing the panties before them and swiftly slipped them over her feet. Elizabeth looked over at me as she dropped them on top of Sara’s other clothes.
I had a massive erection straining to get out of my jeans by this time, but I didn’t dare undo my flies. Though I thought I might rupture myself if I didn’t.
Elizabeth returned to her massage of Sara starting where she’d left off, kneading first the muscles of the small of her back before working her way on to Sara’s buttocks proper. She spread a hand across each cheek pressing with her palms and rippling her fingers, before using both hands on first one cheek then the other, pressing her fingers deep down in between as she switched over.
Slowly Elizabeth slid the fingers of one hand down between of the base of Sara’s buttocks, making her sigh softly. Elizabeth left her fingers there as she started with her other hand on Sara’s thigh. Sara murmured quietly and parted her legs a little. Elizabeth worked her hand down the length of her leg, turning sideways so she could reach her calf and foot while keeping her other hand pressed at the top of her legs. Swapping hands she did the other leg in the same fashion.
Then she took her hand away and worked her way back up from Sara’s bottom to her shoulders, kneeling astride her once more.
“Time to roll over, Sara,” she whispered.
Sara roll over slowly, letting her ribs brush against the inside of Elizabeth’s thighs. A gentle smile on her face as she settled herself beneath her friend. Elizabeth returned her hands to Sara’s shoulders, this time caressing the front. Slowly she worked her way down to her breasts.
“Lets try some oral stimulation,” Elizabeth whispered as she bent her head to Sara’s breast.
“Hmmm,” sighed Sara.
Elizabeth lightly kissed her left nipple. Sara brought her hand up and caressed the back of Elizabeth’s head, as Elizabeth opened her mouth wide and sucked Sara’s whole breast.
“Ohhh,” Sara’s hand pressed Elizabeth’s face down hard against her. I could see Elizabeth’s jaw work as she rolled her head from side to side. Sara rocked her body back and forth underneath.
Elizabeth stretched her hand up over Sara’s head, reaching towards the bag. I didn’t know if she was going for the magazine or the vibrator. As she did she lifted her head so that just Sara’s nipple was held within the tender embrace of her lips, pulling the breast up as her fingers curled around the shaft of the vibrator.
“I’ve got something special today,” Elizabeth’s lips brushed against Sara’s nipple as she spoke, one hand still holding the vibrator above her field of view, while the palm of the other circled Sara’s other nipple.
“What is it?” Sara tilted her head back to try to see.
“No, no,” Elizabeth cooed. “Close your eyes, its a surprise.”
Sara looked back to her and they smiled at each other. Then still smiling Sara closed her eyes. Elizabeth reached up with both hands and switched the vibrator on. The soft hum was clearly audible even to me.
“Oh,” Sara giggled. “It buzzes.”
“Oh, yes,” Elizabeth’s face lit up. “It buzzes all right.” She touched the tip of the vibrator to Sara’s forehead. Sara hissed softly. Slowly Elizabeth ran it down between her eyes to the tip of her nose. Then she moved it down, laying the length of it against Sara’s cheek. Using both hands, holding it like a rolling-pin, she pushed it back up over Sara’s eye, slowly across her forehead and down to the other cheek, before rolling along the length other jaw and back again.
Sara giggled, “That’s fantastic.”

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