I have unpublished my novel “Alexandra”. I plan to revise and republish it under my “Lance Greencastle” pen-name.

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  1. Maria Costin says:

    Hi! Your story is nice but i get disappointed in the end. I pity Alexandra for what happened to her in the end. I wish you could write her story too. What happened to her in her past and why she treated Kevin like that. I want her to have a happy ending too, and she’s the one to narrate this time. I WANT ALEXANDRA part 2. Hope you could grant my request. Thanks.

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  3. Lmeira says:

    your story about Alexandra was amazing, though I have to say, Alexandra started to frustrate me a little by her childish play’s, but the reality of the story was indeed, to keep the reader reading to find the truth at the end. Good work, keep writing more.

    • Declan says:

      Thank you Lmeria,
      I am so glad that you liked my story, and greatful that you took the time to tell me
      – Declan

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  15. alexib says:

    Thank you for this magnificent site
    As well as the distinctive novels
    I further

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