12 – Hit

Inside her room it was dark. Everything was made of half shadows layered on top of darker black. The skylight showed the undersides of clouds illuminated by the lights of the city sprawl. Outside it was less dark. The city, bathed in the glow of streetlights and nighttime traffic, glowed in the night. Softly, but steadily, the growing predawn glow edged over the eastern skyline. The light ascended slowley into yellow and the first curve of the sun broke into the sky.
As the sun climbed the light entering through the skylight moved and mutated. Starting as a dull red patch quietly glowing against the wall in the gloom, it intensified into yellow and as its outline became clearer, the shapes in the room began to take on their daytime colours. The chrome and cotton of the folded folding chair leaning against the wall. The chestnut and ebony of the dressing table. The rich whorls of the darker browns of the zero-g woods that the chest of drawers, wardrobe and bookcase were made from. The red and blues of the blanket and sheets on the bed. And the pink coffee of her naked body lying on top.
The rectangular patch of sunlight shortened as it moved down the wall. The shadows of the window frame’s cross members became more distinct as it progressed on to the varnished pine floor, rippled as it moved on to the sole of the her foot and curved as it moved up her calf. Disintegrated as it met the other foot and calf crossed at the knee. Reformed into two curves as it moved up her tights. Shallow on the bent left, sharp on the straight right. Bulged across her bottom. Narrowed and straightened at her waist. Curved backed again as it moved across the small of her back. Splintered as it encountered her left arm, stretched across the sheets. Reformed to illuminate the creases at her neck and the shoulder of her right arm cradling her head. The patch became a square as it crossed her jaw and ear, moved on to her cheek, and shone along her nose and into her closed left eye.
The eye twitched.
Then twitched again.
It opened.
“Shit,” she said. Organic relays fired inside her head and she remembered the current time. She slowly rolled out of the bed and stood. Twenty minutes later, showered and dressed, she was on her way to a very important meeting, in a little sandwich bar in Battersea.
As she came in Harry was in conversation with a couple of good looking women at the far end of the counter. But he noticed her as she took a seat towards the front.
Finishing off his conversation Harry slowly walked along the counter to her. “Hi, Jazz,” he said as he came to a stop before her. “Long time no see.”
“Hi, Harry,” She looked at him and put the menu down. “Yes it’s been a while.”
“You’ve been keeping yourself busy then?” he asked as he started to wipe the counter top.
“Very busy,” she nodded yes. “I’ve been wearing myself out. Can’t even get myself out of bed some mornings.”
“Perhaps you should go to bed earlier,” he dropped the cloth behind the counter.
“Perhaps I should,” she laughed. “Anyway I’ll have a tuna salad today, Harry.”
“Coming right up.” He turned and started to prepare her salad.
She sat upright on the stool and took a leisurely look around the cafe. Usually at this time it would be full of students from the art collage across the road. But today there were only a handful of them scattered across the room. Mostly at the tables near the front that were bathed in sunlight.
Harry turned back to the counter and placed her salad in front of her. “Do you want your regular glass of larger as well?” he asked.
“Yes, please,” Jazz nodded, licking her lips.
He reached under the counter and took out a bottle. He opened it and poured it into a glass for her.
“That’s just what I needed,” she smiled at Harry. “Thanks.”
“Humph,” grunted Harry as he disposed of the bottle. He walked along to some other customers and took their orders.
“Oh, by the way,” Jazz said as Harry passed by her. “Is Mark selling ice-cream in Battersea park to day?”
“Yes,” Harry shrugged. “As far as I know. You know how he is about keeping in touch.”
“Yeah,” Jazz nodded in agreement. “I know how he is.”
Harry continued on.

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