12 – Hit

Jazz sat down on the edge of the cot, put her elbows on her knees and lowered her head, waiting for the next session.
The door to her cell creaked open. The light came on bathing her in brilliant yellow from above. Jazz looked up and saw a police woman standing in the doorway. Her right hand pushing open the door, her left hand holding a bundle of clothes.
“Oh. You’re awake,” the police woman stopped just inside the door.
Jazz did not say anything, nor make any movement. Just stared in a slightly hostile, but mostly resigned manor, at the police woman.
“Here,” the police woman threw the clothes onto the bed beside Jazz. “Put these on, you’re going out.”
Jazz bearly looked at the clothes and made no move to put them on.
The police woman started to get angry.
Jazz waited a second and just as the police woman was about to speak again started to dress.
Detective Williams stood at ease in front of Captain Jones’s desk.
Captain Jones had his head down reading a slim report.
Mr. Smallwood sat back in the soft chair, lost in thought and slowly drinking his coffee.
Detective Williams cleared his throat.
Captain Jones looked up with an annoyed frown, turned a page of the report, then looked back down and continued to read.
Mr. Smallwood took another sip of his coffee.
Captain Jones slowly read a few more pages of the report.
Detective Williams stood there getting more and more worried by what Captain Jones might be reading, and how it would affect him.
Captain Jones finished reading the last page, closed the folder and sat back in his chair, letting out a small sigh.
Mr. Smallwood looked up from his coffee.
“I’ve decided to let this O’Riely girl go, Detective,” Captain Jones looked up.
Detective Williams opened his mouth to say something but Captain Jones continued.
“You see, it was rather bad timing for you to decide to arrest her just now. Mr. Smallwood here,” Captain Jones gestured to Mr. Smallwood. “Was going to send her back to the Moon.”
“But sir, she’s a known terrorist,” Detective Williams interrupting.
Captain Jones paused, slightly irritated, then continued, “Yes, she is. But you have got to look at the whole picture, Detective.”
“The whole picture, sir?” Detective Williams glanced at Smallwood, then looked back to the Captain.
“You see she can be more useful to us on the Moon causing trouble for the Russians and Americans that she can be in jail here in England.”
Mr. Smallwood cleared his throat.
“Err, yes. But then you don’t really need to know any more than that,” Captain Jones reached for his cup.
“No, sir,” Detective Williams replied.
Captain Jones took a sip from his cup, “That will be all for now, Detective,” he said looking across at Mr. Smallwood, who nodded slightly. “You may go.”
“Err, yes sir,” Detective Williams saluted, almost decided to say something, but only turned and walked out of the office.
It was dark and Jazz was completely exhausted by the time she got home. She stumbled up the steps to the door of her flat and stopped dead. Her door was open. There were people inside. She edged inside and looked around the door into her living room.
What she saw was a mess. The carpet had been ripped from the floor, floorboards pulled up and the furniture smashed to bits.

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