13 – Falling Angel Heaven

I woke in dim light, curled into a tight ball. I slowly stretched my arms high above my head, then slowly out and around; my legs out far apart, then straight down. I arched my back and stretched my limbs up and down as far as I could; I took a deep breath, slowly released, before opening my eyes. Then wondered where Jazz was.
“Are you awake, then?” she whispered from a corner.
“Yes. Hello.” I turned to face her. “How are you?” and kept turning until I caught hold of the wall.
“I’m fine, Celia.” She kicked off and drifted towards me. “Are you hungry?”
“Oh, yes,” I rubbed my stomach with my left arm, holding onto the wall with my right.
She floated up to me and used her feet to stop herself against the wall. “Here,” she handed me a warm plastic package, “Porridge.”
I took it in my hands and looked at it, not quite knowing what to do with it.
Jazz reached down and pulled open a tab to reveal a flattened nozzle. “Put it to your mouth and squeeze,” she kicked off towards the door. “Then chew and swallow. And repeat sequence until either you are full or the packet is empty.”
I was going to tell her that I was not a computer to be instructed like that. But instead I ate my porridge.
“I wouldn’t have thought you would have been hungry with the amount you ate yesterday,” she said.
“I’m always hungry, Jazz,” I replied around a mouth full of sweet porridge.
“Well hurry up and eat that, we have to go soon.” She opened the door, went through and closed it behind her.
I had the feeling that she locked it behind her but I did not check. I stayed where I was and quickly ate my porridge.
A few minutes after I had finished Jazz opened the door. “Come on, follow me,” she called over at me and then darted back out the door.
I kicked off and sailed towards the door. Catching hold of the frame I pulled myself around into the corridor and looked to my right just in time to see Jazz disappearing around a corner. I pushed off the door and followed her, bouncing off one side of the corridor, then the other and around the corridor into a small room.
Jazz was half into her suit as I bounced around the corner and across the room. I caught myself against the far wall and watched as Jazz pushed her hands up into the top half of her suit and pulled it down over her body. She wiggled from side to side as it descended to cover her completely and snapped closed.
“That one’s yours,” She pointed at a rack with a couple of split suits fastened to it. “Stay where you are and I’ll help you on with it.”
She unfastened the bottom half of a peach coloured suit and floated over to me with it. “Put your legs in, please,” she caught hold of the wall underneath me and pushed the half suit along my legs as I guided them in from the top. I fitted perfectly into it.
Jazz brought the top half over to me and I stretched my arms up into it, searching for the arm holes. Jazz pulled it down to seal with the bottom half and even my fingers seemed to find their own way into the gloves.
I smiled at Jazz, but could not make out her expression through her visor.
“Follow me,” Jazz’s voice came through the speakers in my helmet.
I kicked off after her and sailed gracefully through the door and along the corridor. Then a memory popped into my head. “Hey, Mike are you there?” I whispered.
“Yes I am here,” his voice came from behind my head. “It is very good to see you again.”
“It’s nice to be in you again,” I replied.
“Are you feeling O.K. now?” he asked.
“Yes I’m fine,” I was puzzled. “Why do you ask?”
“When you where last taken out of this suit your vital signs where very bad,” Mike whispered in his steady voice. “I thought that you might die.”
I laughed softly. “No, I was just sleeping very deeply. Mike.”
“I am glad to hear that you are all right,” Mike whispered back.

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    i love ya books
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