Erotic Novels


  • Alice a 21st century fairytale for adults. (Download First 5 chapters [download#6])
  • Alexandra an erotic romance. (Download 6 sample chapters [download#2] )
  • Celia a SF adventure involving the clone of a dead pop star and a terrorist from the Moon. (Complete Novel on line)

Short Stories

Work In Progress

  • Justine a quirky little erotic romance. (First chapter online)
  • A job in the country an unfinished erotic/porn story I am no longer writing. (Three Chapters Completed)

17 Responses to Erotic Novels

  1. Ramesh says:

    Alexandra is your masterpiece. I loved it.Your way of story telling and situations are awesome.Keep writing.



  2. kim says:

    hey declan,i jst finishd reading alexandria and m in awe rite now! i love it especialy coz of the character of the guy.he is kinda weak and that is what i love.some novels have guys being arrogant,hard etc etc which seems so unreal at times but our kevin is so real! and yes jasmine is also another real character for being so understanding towards kevin becoz of her love for him.i feel we are like jasmine when you really love a person and that u mean it for the rest of your life!! fantastic book declan! kee

  3. ann says:

    just finished reading ALEXANDRA this week end.EXCELLENT.

  4. Hridi says:

    Hi Declan, I just finished reading Alexandra.It’s a great novel.Keep writing.Good Luck.

  5. I would like to read more stuff like this one

  6. Messto says:

    Dear Declan,

    I just finished Alexandra today. I am Chinese educated and i’ve been trying to read few novels but end up with frustration. Most of the novels were too complicated for me. I didn’t understand at all and will just give up reading. Unlike your novel. It’s really easy to read and understand. I like the way you express and the story end beautifully. Keep writing Declan. You have got a fan here :)


  7. Declan says:

    Hi Rad
    I’m glad you like my story. I have a couple of ideas for new “Molly and her mistress stories” but I also have 3 novels started that I need to finish, so it might be a while before I can write a novel about Molly and her Mistress.
    You can read the first chapter of my novel Justine which I am currently working on.

    – Declan

  8. Rad Guiliano says:

    I’d surely like to read another story like Molly and her Mistress. When are you gonna write more of it? I’m sure it’d be much more comfortable to read as a novel. Tell you what, write a novel on the adventures of the mistress. I’m sure everyone’ll enjoy it.

  9. Declan says:

    Sorry Po’d
    but you found my site a few weeks too late. Up until October(2008) the entire novel was available on line and I ran adverts along side.
    However this did not produce the income I had hoped that it would. So I have switched back to a more “traditional” idea of giving a free sample and selling the full novel as an ebook.
    I had also forgotten to update my web site and remove all of the “complete novel free” – so sorry for that as well.

    – Declan

  10. PO'd! says:

    Its says the whole novel of alexandra is free…. BS!!!! Hav way thru u gotta buy the damn thing! Grr!!

  11. Hi

    We find that BDSM stories are the most popular adult genre, maybe you should combine it with sci-fi, sure would be interesting.

  12. aseri says:


    Love to hear lots of romantic naughty sex stories.


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