Today I set Justine Free

Having “raped” Justine the last time I worked on Justine. I was a bit reluctant to work on it some more. But then I had an idea of how Justine meets her second major lover. And then I realised how she could heal her heart from her first love.

Here is a fragment of the scene when she achieves “enlightenment”:

“So he never loved me,” Justine.
“I can’t say what he felt,” Master replies.
Master and Justine are silent for a moment
“So do you love me?” Justine
Master sighed, “What is love?”
“Are you asking do I like you? do I need you? Do I desire you? Do I want set you free?
Justine looks up, “Do you want to set me free?”
Master smiles, “I can’t set you free. No person can set another free. Only you can set yourself free.”
“He enslaved me.”
“No one can enslave you, only you can make yourself a slave.”
“I didn’t want to be his slave.”
“Then why did you stay with him?”
“Because I loved him.”
“Did you?”
“Are you going to tell me that you know what love is, and what I felt wasn’t true love!”
“Since time began countless philosophers, poets and general layabouts have tried to define what love is. None have ever succeeded. You can’t define love, you can only feel love.”
“I felt love for him.”
“Did he feel love for you?”
Justine started to answer, then paused.
“No,” she answered after a long moment. “He didn’t love me. He doesn’t love himself, so how could he have ever love me.”
Master smiled, “Now that you have looked into your heart of hearts and seen the truth, now you can set yourself free.”
“And once I am free?” Justine looked up at Master once more.
Master broke into the widest smile Justine had ever seen. “Once you are free, then you can fine true love.”

“Master” might at some stage get a name.

It is only a fragment of a first draft, and it is of storyline that happens before the action in Justine, so I will probably never finish the scene. But after telling you the other day that she had had a fight with her first lover that “tore her apart emotionally and left her slumped on the ground crying her eyes out” I thought that you might like to know that her story has a happy ending.

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