Yet another form of Writer’s Block?

Having said in my last post “I will be writing and doing nothing else.” I find that I did. Well I did do lots of other things, but I also did do a lot of writing. Last week I averaged 490 words per day. For me that is very good going.
However, while I celebrated the achievement of 3,436 words, unfortunately it was on a completely new story.
Yest having spent a weekend working on a new story “Domestic Service” at the beginning of December, I now find myself starting another new story at the beginning of January. And I already have 3 stories started that I need to complete!
I know that I am at the stage in my development as a writer that the stuff I write can reach out and touch people. The emails I receive and the comments left on this site are ample proof of that. But even I know that if I start a new novel length story every month or six weeks that I am not going to get anything finished.
So it seems that I have discovered a new form of writers block, where instead of staring at a blank sheet of paper/computer screen with nothing to write I in fact have too many ideas coming much too quickly for me to concentrate long enough on one to finish it.
“Writer’s Block” here being defined as anything that stops me from actually completing a work so that I can either post it on my site or try to find a traditional publisher to publish it. Yes, traditional publishers want the work to be finished before they will consider publishing it :-)
Although I will have to come up with another description because “Writer’s Block” is hardly appropriate for a week that I averaged 490 words a day!

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