Another Form Of Writers Block

I just looked at the date on the files that I have for my new novel Terminal Singularity. The latest date is 11th Dec. It is now the 29th. That is 18 days without working on my novel. OK, you might say, given the dates involved(i.e. Christmas) I might be excused for not writing while I have been busy preparing and then indulging in the pagan celebration of winter solstice( transposed a few days later, because Christians can’t get anything right).
But basically in over two weeks I have not found even 10 minutes to change even one comma or full stop in any part of the novel.
I can’t use the excuse that I have been busy writing blog posts, because I haven posted anything since the 6th.
I have had the time because I have chosen to play computer games, watch movies, etc when I could have been sitting at my computer writing.

If I can’t bring myself to write I can at least bring myself to administer my web site. I’ve just noticed that there is a new version of WordPress available to download. But, you know, I am not going to do it.

This is another form of writers block where one can distract oneself for ever doing “very important” other things (Taking out the trash, washing the car, walking the dog) and never find the time to actually write.
I will have to stop waiting to find the time to write and decide that some of those “very important” other things will just have to wait because I have made the time to write. And I will be writing and doing nothing else.

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3 Responses to Another Form Of Writers Block

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  2. Declan says:

    I agree that a security update is a very important reason for updating my software.
    However the point I was making is that there is always something important to do. In order for me to make progress with my writing I will have to make the effort to decide that some important things will not get done as I am going to write instead.
    I have realised that I may never find the time to write unless I decide to make the time to write.

    In regard to updating WordPress I to am on dial-up access, with ping times of 3.8 seconds(Yes 3873ms to ping from my home computer). So I am going to wait until Fantastico has the update ready and I can upgrade with one click straight from the control panel on my web host account. So no download and no uploading.

  3. Keith says:

    Two words: security update. Even for me, someone stuck out in the country with nothing but dial-up access, it only took about an hour.