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There is no such thing as bad publicity.

Or so the old showbiz adage goes. And while many bloggers might not know it we bloggers are all in the entertainment business. Even though we write posts about technology, or Web 2.0, or fishing we are trying to entertain as well as inform our readers.

Recently on the copyblogger blog Leo Babauta wrote a post encouraging bloggers to be bold. Stand out from the crowd by making bold statements was the advice given in that post. Good advice which I will try to follow.
But while we all want attention for our blogs, attention seeking just for the sake of attention is not that basis for long term success for your blog.
People have been know to take it too far. For instance I don’t think I could handle the type of publicity that Casey Serin (World’s Most Hated Blogger) gets. Casey is a self confessed fraudster facing bankruptcy with debts of over $2 Million, who has a blog about himself. I only came across Casey when Yaro Starak wrote a post about meeting him.
Casey Serin has made himself famous, or rather infamous, by blogging about himself. There are 3 or 4 blogs that exist solely to hate him. While he is obviously getting traffic, and so advertising revenue, I’m not sure that he has a formula for long term success.
He might be making a quick buck now, but I’m thinking that he will have the rest of his life to regret his actions. Long after his 15 minuets of fame are gone and his money spent he will still be hated for his actions.
So bare that in mind the next time someone tells you there is no such thing as bad publicity.

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