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My novel Alexandra is now available as an ebook from the SmashWords site.

I have experimented for the past year with putting the full text of my novel Alexandra on this site and running advertising alongside it. This was successful in getting my novel read by lots of people, but it was not very successful in terms of being a professional author as I never made more than a few dollars a month. My goal as a professional author is to provide a sustainable income for myself.

So now I am embracing the “future of publishing” and issuing my novel as a downloadable ebook. I chose SmashWords because they will provide my novel in all these formats:

  • Online Reading (Javascript)
  • Online Reading (HTML)
  • PDF format
  • RTF format (Readable by nearly all word processors)
  • Kindle (.mobi) format
  • Plain Text format (download)
  • Plain Text format (in a web page)
  • Palm Doc (PDB) format

So no matter how you perfer to read your ebooks there should be a format that suits you.

And what better way to say that you like my work than by paying for it :)

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