More faffing about.

Well … sort of. I did spend 2 hours setting up a new blog for my wife. But I also wrote a big chunk of Alice Chapter 2. I now have the ending written and another bit in the middle finished, but I need to join them together. Most of chapter 2 is written, well over 2/3rds. Nothing major happens in the bits that are missing, I just need to lead the story from one scene to the next(in a logical and self consistent manor). it’s just a matter of knuckling down and writing it without giving in to too many distractions.

Mostly today I spend working on the story line for a prequel to Justine.
There are some references, in later chapters of Justine, to a previous relationship of Justine’s. One which hurt her really badly emotionally. And I have just today, during my free writing warm up exercise merged another recurring fantasy that I have with Justine’s backstory to come up with the outline of another complete novel. The story of Justine’s first major relationship. Which happen before the events recounted in Justine. The story is really compelling so it has immediately been bumped up to No. 3 in my to-do list (Alice and Justine are 1 and 2. Senna – Alice Pt. 2 is now at No.4).

I seem to be in the habit of wanting to write prequels to my novels. The same thing happened with my novel Celia. I want to write the stories of Jazz, Becky and Sam, as well as a sequel continuing Celia’s story.

And the same thing happened to me with my novel Alexandra. I keep wanting to write the story from both Alexandra and Jasmine’s point of view. (Did you know that Alex and Jasmine knew each other before either met Kevin? I didn’t until just recently). Both stories are more interesting than Kevin’s. It’s just that when I first sat down to write Alexandra the Kevin character shouted the loudest and so I told it from his point of view.
I guess there was more of him in me that I want to admit, or maybe I just had to write him down on paper in order to get him out of my head.
I not sure that I am a good enough writer, yet, to do justice to either Alex or Jasmine, so you will have to wait to hear their stories.

So, the long and the short of it is, I am not going to get Chapter 2 finished today(the 23rd). And tomorrow I will be running about bring the dog to boarding kennels, packing suitcases and buying last minuet supplies. So I may not get it finished tomorrow either.
I am bring a laptop with me and I am sure that they do have Internet cafe’s in Italy. I’ll probably have Internet access in my hotel. So I will work, some of the time, when I’m not celebrating my brother-in-law’s wedding. And I will post the results my labours next week.

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