Update 03-03-09

I’ve just received the proof copy for the paperback version of Alexandra and there is some universal law that states the errors will appear in the hard copy version that where completely invisible on screen, no matter how many times you have read through the manuscript!

I am also revising Alice and hope to be able to publish the paperback soon after Alexandra.

I am also plotting Justine. I was struck on Chapter 2. After all the flash backs in chapter 1 I was unsure how to write rest of the novel. Writing the entire novel as “overlapping flashbacks” seemed firstly very difficult and secondly could end up being very hard to read. I could easily get lost writing flashback after flashback, and the reader could become totally confused. But I think I have devised a way that will work.

Also If I want to publish Celia as a paperback I will really need to rewrite it. Celia was my first novel. And it is not at all up to the standard that I write to now. I have ideas for other novels set in the same storyline telling Becky’s, Jazz’s and Sam’s stories(characters in Celia). So If ever want to write them I will need to rewrite Celia.

So I’m proofing Alexandra, revising Alice, plotting Justine and maybe rewriting Celia. And maybe working on Becky(I have an outline of chapter 1 from years ago), Jazz and Sam.

And yes, I have noticed a trend in the names of my novels(though in this case Sam is a boy).

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